quarta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2010

Sweet ilusion

Everybody say to you give up
Their word hurt you when you wake up
But they are worng
And you are strong

They say to you lies and more lies
You see the the devil in their eyes
They think that your dream is a ilusion
But you love this ilusion

You can’t live, without this ilusion
You must belive, it’s a sweet ilusion

They are not your friends
You just have one friend
This friend is you

terça-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2010

Come in my mind

Be your best friend
Take in my hand
Come on to fly
And don't cry

I'll love you forever
We are together
We are fun
We are looking to the Sun
"How we could to live without us?"

To live without you
I wouldn't have breath
And I really need you
I want to live

And so take in my hand
This is your time
Just be an man
And come in my mind

Our dream

Guitars and singers in my room
It was a dream but now I’m alone
Glow in my heart dancing like never
I know I’m not the last, we are together
So many dreams in my soul
Don’t worry, you’re on control

I hope you understand me
I know something make me lose me
A dream never over with you
Dream never says “I don’t love you”

Girls and boys scream with your voices
Our dream will realize, it’s our own joy
Listening a good song that we made
It’s our dream God never make mistakes