quinta-feira, 10 de março de 2011


I'm in a place where the sugar is honey
I’m in a place where don’t need money
For to be happy just need stay there
All can happen just need stay there

I’m not talking about some country or state
I’m in a place where never too late
You can see the happness in their face

It can be a place platonic
Some idea in my mind
But it’s a dream, and is mine

sábado, 26 de fevereiro de 2011

Fake freedom

Don’t let they buy your dreams
Don’t let they heal all your fears
They take up your salty tears
And they make you free…

It’s fake freedom, never let they do it
My illusion, nothing can be sweeter
Babe I never will let you with them
I’d die for you and when
I wake in the sky and then I’d be your angel…
I wouldn’t let any demon into your life

They say “Do you know to sing?”
You say “I don’t know anything about it”
So they say “Do you have soul?”
You must to answer No no no…

Say it to protect your soul
Say no no no
“Oh dear all your dreams can become true”
You say no no no

But please don’t give up
Because you are not the one
I wish you become
A person that you want…

They can’t teach me anything
How to controul the world?
Why I’d make this shit?
If I have my nice life,
I’d kill them with my knife
I don’t want to contoul you
I don’t want to be loved for you
I don’t want your love
I’m not above, just God, just god…
One response to the new world order

Reading what Jesus wrote
Everything fits with their lies
We are playing rock n roll
And they are tying to put one eye

sábado, 12 de fevereiro de 2011


What’s behinde a tear?
Or the last goodbye?
Maybe can be the fear
I don’t know why I still try

Ghosts are like memories
Things that I don’t want to know
They are haunting me all time
They tell me just lies

I can set it up in one word
The right word is Fear
Roses are sad when they hear it
Nothing can change it

Even if it keeps alive
I can’t come back
They are haunting me all time
The only color I see is black

sexta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2011

Between girls and boys

In my hand, I have nothing
Be your friend, is all to me
Talking with you, I feel so free
And all stared so quickly

You love a girl, I love a boy
We talk about it, it’s our joy
Nothing can stops us

Boys and girls can be friends
It’s not so hard to understand
You and I know it
That’s why we’re free

My guys never will let me
Baby, friends we must to be
Cuz’ it’s life’s good

quarta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2011

Mistakes is more than we think
Be yourself, it’s not so easy
This is harder than fixing
In something that you don’t like

Our dreams are in a special place
You hide it behind your face
But you must to show
What you know

Loneliness can enter your heart but not your soul
The “loneliness” sees your soul by keyhole
It happens when it is on control

The fame is nothing compared to what you are
Baby your dreams, they are not so far

They never will fly without you
They will always be with you
Belive in them, your dream will realize
And you don’t need any advice